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It's CSI 2* Week!

Well I can't believe its finally here! The first rated show week of WEF 2018.

Last week we were able to work with our amazing clients as well as some of our younger horses. The week was very successful and a great way to kick off the start of WEF.

This week we started today, Wednesday, with two in the FEI rated warm up power and speed class. For those who may not know what a power and speed class is, it is usually the first class of the week for the international horses. It consists of two phases within the show ring. The first phase, power, usually consists between 6-8 jumps and a shortened time allowed. The point of this phase is not to go fast but to keep the jumps up. The second phase, speed, is where you go fast fast fast! There is no break in between the two phases. However, a lot of riders who are using the class as a warm up may elect to retire after the power phase. It really is riders choice.

We had two horses go in this phase. Haylie, our 10 year old and Zidante, our 12 year old. Both of them were amazing. We used the class for Haylie as a warm up, going around the power phase nice and slow and getting her ready for tomorrow. Zidante went 2nd and we used both the power and speed phase to go fast but also to keep all the jumps up. That strategy payed off! Zidante went around in the 3rd fastest time and remained in the 3rd spot out of 109 riders. #GoZoey #TeamSerenity

Being a 2* week, a lot of riders will use this week to work with some younger horses and give them a chance to see some bigger jumps. Without these weeks, we would not be able to bring along the younger horses.

For the rest of the day today we have a few client horses going in some professional warm up classes and then the day finishes up with the crowd favorite #ChamonixH in her 1.40m class. We are getting Chamonix ready for the 3* next week.

As you can tell this is my first blog post and not really sure how to do it. So if you could give me your feedback and let me know what you would like me to talk about, that would absolutely amazing! Even ask me training questions or questions you have about the sport. I want to be able to communicate with you as much as possible!

Thank you everyone!!

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