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Chamonix H WEF Week 2

It's Thursday here at WEF Week 2 and we kicked off the day with Chamonix H riding in the $8,000 1.45m sponsored by #DouglasEllimanRealEstate.

The class saw 49 starters with a lot of the riders still working with some young and new horse's as well as a few working with horse's that look to compete next week in the CSI 3*. Today was Chamonix's second round of the week. She competed a day ago in a 1.40m speed round to help her get warmed up.

Chamonix went around in the first round of the 1.45m in 69.137 and clear which qualified her to go to the jump off. Then in the jump off she scored a double clear and a time of 36.771 which was good enough to finish off in 7th place for the day. A great finish for her in Week 2 and a great warm up for next week as she looks to compete in the CSI 3*.

The mare continues to amaze me. Her heart and will to compete every day whether it is in a small 1.25m or in a big grand prix is truly inspiring to me.

As for the rest of the day, we have a few more horse's going in some warm up classes and then finishing up with Haylie in the Grand Prix Qualifier this afternoon. The qualifier starts at 3pm EST. Be sure to check back as I will post (if they have it) a link to watch live.

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