.kelli & butét.

Butet is Kelli's original sponsor. Kelli has risen in a Butet saddle almost her entire career. Featuring some of the best craftsmanship and design, Butet has prided themselves on delivering a modern saddle that pays tribute to the old fashion style and attention to detail. Kelli is proud to ride in a Butet.

See Kelli's favorite saddle, bridle and Butet products below.

Choosing a saddle can be a very difficult process because no two horses are alike. One of the best things about Butet is their customer service. If you are interested in a Butet Saddle, contact them here to learn more about what kind of saddle may be perfect for you and your horse.

Charlotte Le Roux: Butet Saddles USA
Cell: (203) 505-9141
And tell her Kelli sent you :)