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.kelli & ggt-footing.

Kelli's newest sponsor, GGT-Footing is the leader in equine arena additives, arena groomers and arena expertise. GGT-Footing is also the official footing of Serenity Farm Show Stables. 

GGT-Footing Arena at Serenity Farm

GGT-Footing is proud to partner with Serenity Farm to provide the best footing possible for horses, riders, training and competition. Located at Serenity Farm Show Stables, the GGT-Footing Arena is the example of what footing should for any farm or stable. The arena is expertly crafted to ensure that the riding surface is as good as any horse show.

Learn More!

GGT-Footing is ready to talk with you about your arena. Whether you are building a brand new arena or looking to freshen up your existing arena, GGT-Footing can assist you. Click here to learn more.

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